How does it work?

What is PrePaidCall?

With PrePaidCall, you can make calls to your conversation partners without resorting to premium-rate numbers (e.g., 0900, etc.). Thanks to our secure and anonymous payment methods, you'll enjoy maximum convenience and flexibility. And the best part? For calls made from mobile networks, you'll never pay more than you would from a German landline.

Your talk time is deducted in real-time from your minute balance as soon as you start talking. Billing with PrePaidCall is done fairly, down to the second, and only occurs while you're engaged in conversation with your partner.

Who is PrePaidCall suitable for?

PrePaidCall is the ideal choice for anyone seeking quick and uncomplicated conversations. Its user-friendliness and high level of anonymity make it particularly suitable – simply put, it's just right for you.

How does PrePaidCall work?

Select a conversation partner.

Choose your conversation partner.
Once you select your conversation partner, you'll find their phone number and the cost per minute for a call under their profile picture. To acquire credit, just click on 'Add Credit.' Don't worry, your anonymity is ensured.

Purchase credit.

Credit and email
Now you can choose how many minutes of conversation you'd like to purchase. Don't worry, any unused minutes can be used later for more conversations with any conversation partners. Your email will be required later to manage your credit—and it's naturally top secret.

Select payment options.

Payment method
Now, decide which payment method suits you best, such as credit card or completely anonymously using Cash-to-Code as an alternative to Paysafecard.

Complete the payment.

Entering payment information
Now you can enter the necessary information for your chosen payment method. If you've opted for Cash to Code, you'll find your payment code here instead of the payment information. With this code, you can go to your Cash-to-Code partner, like the nearby gas station, for instance.


Recharge successful - PIN
You're receiving your PIN now. During your first conversation, you'll need to enter this PIN using your phone's keypad or simply say it. This action will immediately activate the purchased credit for you. Your remaining balance after the conversation won't expire and can be used for future calls.

Cost control and customer access.

Customer access

The customer login, complete cost control
To manage your balance, we've sent you the login details for your customer area via email. If you used a credit card or similar as your payment method, this email was sent to the address you provided during the payment process.

Customer access

If you, as a new customer, wish to use Cash to Code as your payment method initially, a prior registration for a customer account is necessary. You can create this account quickly and easily by providing your email address only.

Customer access

Your personal customer login area also provides a user-friendly real-time statistic. This way, you always keep track of everything.